Do you have a minibus for travel from Redhill town centre?
The College runs a free minibus service for our students to access. This service brings in students from the main town centre to the College site and returns students to Redhill town centre at the end of the day. A minibus timetable is available in Reception.

How do I apply for Financial Support?
Funds are available towards costs for books, visits, uniform, childcare and materials, dependent upon individual circumstances. In some cases, tuition fees may be waived if you are on appropriate means tested benefits. Before funding is approved you will need to complete an application form. Please contact the Client Services team on 01737 788444 or call in for more information. All applications are assessed on individual merit however there are no guarantees that all costs will be met.

Why do I need to wear my ID badge?
At East Surrey College we are very lucky that we have a safe environment for students and staff to work in. We take the security of our students and staff seriously, and issue everyone with an ID card at the start of the academic year. We only want people on site that should be here, and the easiest way to identify our students and staff is for everyone to wear their ID.

Who do I inform if I am going to be late or absent?
When you start your course your tutor will go through our attendance and punctuality policy. Your tutor will give you a business card with details of the telephone number and text number that you need to use to inform us of lateness or absence. If you are ill or unable to attend College you must contact us by 09.00 to inform us of the reason why you are not in.