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A Visit from a Prosthetics Professional

A Visit from a Prosthetics Professional

Date: 15 December 2020

Prosthetics and Special Effects Make-Up Artist Stuart Bray came in on behalf of Mouldlife, to run a workshop with our HND Theatrical Make-Up students! As our students source their kits from Mouldlife, they offered us a free workshop as a thank you. 

Stuart covered various sculpting techniques, silicone running, demoulding and application. He also discussed troubleshooting silicone and the science behind it, as these are crucial elements to be aware of when working with silicone.

From this workshop, the students gained an extreme amount of knowledge from an industry professional, giving them a more confident approach to sculpting, moulding and silicone running. The HND Students became more aware of different colouring techniques and ways to run their moulds.  As they are currently working on their 'World at War' project, Stuart was able to share some creative techniques for making wounds for film, that our students can use for their portfolios.

One of our students, Elise, commented: "From this workshop we learnt so much and it really benefitted us for our war unit that we were doing. He answered any questions we had and helped us by telling us how and where to look for inspiration and referencing. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity for us all to learn first-hand from one of the best in the business!"

Thank you so much to Stuart for joining us!

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