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East Surrey College provides inspirational, high quality education and training which meets the needs of individuals, employers and our local communities.

We set high standards and the Charter sets out what you can expect from the College and what the College expects from you in return. 

The College will:

  • have a full and fair admissions procedure
  • ensure that everything we do fulfils our legal requirements and reflects a commitment to promoting equality in all its aspects and the aims and objectives of Every Child Matters
  • provide appropriately trained and qualified staff
  • publish full and accurate information about activities, procedures, assessment and exam results
  • provide a suitable learning environment with helpful, supportive staff
  • provide timely feedback on assessments
  • provide an effective learner support network
  • involve learners when making decisions through representation on the Corporation Board, the Student Union, the College Council and by encouraging feedback on all aspects of College life
  • build and maintain links with local schools, businesses and the community
  • provide a fair and helpful complaints procedure

Your commitment as a Learner:

Being a learner carries responsibilities as well as rights, and also brings opportunities to contribute to improving standards. In particular the College expects you to:

  • provide the right entry information and to respond to the offer of a place within the time set
  • treat with respect your fellow learners, all members of staff and visitors to the College
  • use all resources, equipment and grounds in a responsible manner
  • attend all timetabled sessions or explain why you can’t
  • be punctual for all of your sessions, to avoid disrupting the learning of others
  • take responsibility for your learning with the help of your tutor
  • hand in coursework and homework on time
  • ensure you understand the requirements of your course such as attendance, assessment and exam procedures
  • wear and show on demand your learner ID when on College premises
  • conform to the College’s Code of Conduct and College Regulations which exist for the safety and well-being of all the College community


The College is committed to continuous improvement. If we do not meet the standards and quality of service that are included in this Charter, or you have suggestions on how we can improve our services please let us know. Your comments will always be welcomed. Please contact your Tutor, Head of Division or Client Services.

The Charter is available from the Learning Resource Centre, Client Services and Reception at the various Centres. Alternative formats are available from Client Services.

Address: East Surrey College, Gatton Point, London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 2JX

Main Switchboard: 01737 772611 / Client Services: 01737 788444 / Email: