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GCSE Contingency Exam Date

Published: 26 April 2019

Wednesday 26 June 2019

All examination boards have included a contingency GCSE exam date this year, which has been set by the government.

Be Prepared

This date will be used if a significant, unexpected event arises nationally or locally during the exam period such that no students (or a large number of them) are able to take an exam when planned.

Of course, we all hope there won’t be such disruption and that the contingency day won’t be needed. But students should be available throughout the exam period, including on that day, in case their planned timetable is disrupted.  

Please be aware that your son/daughter needs to be available on this date and do not make other commitments that could mean they are unavailable, just in case! 

We will contact you in advance if students need to attend on this date. 

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