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IT Level 3 - Alexandra

Former School: Congleton High School, Manchester 

Alex loved studying IT at school, as she found it "so interesting - IT is forever growing. I love finding out about the latest gadgets and technology, you can really nerd off about it!" 

Before starting the course, Alex took a gap year, during which she set up her own custom t-shirt business. Alex created her own website and was able to build up the company before selling it off. After deciding that she wanted to continue in education, Alex researched other Colleges in the area and spoke to their Client Services teams. She had weighed up the options of going to university but made the decision to come to college with the support of the staff at ESC. 

"ESC were by far the friendliest, I felt that they actually wanted to help me." 

Now in her second year of the course, Alex finds that the tutors are always encouraging her and pointing her in the right direction. 

“It’s a very comfortable environment, and I can see that I’m progressing. Everyone pushes you in the right direction and the staff truly care”

As Vice President for the Student Union, Alex is responsible for supporting the SU President in decision-making processes that impact the student body. She's hoping to bring people together across the different course areas and is looking forward to getting stuck in. 

“I know how frustrating it can be to be in education, for example, the costs and pressures. I feel like sometimes there is little communication or voices being heard. I want to create a channel between students and higher levels.”

Looking ahead, Alex is interested in a career in cyber security and is considering pathways to degrees in Computer Science. 

“I find it really fascinating – I love the idea that it’s a constant chase, and there are always new ways to stop hackers online”

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