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Curtis Packaging present awards to Creative Practice students

Curtis Packaging present awards to Creative Practice students

Date: 09 March 2023

Sales Director of Curtis Packaging, Steve Mallet, visited Creative Practice: Art, Design & Communication Level 3 students to give awards for the best work submitted as part of a live work experience project they started in January 2023.

The project involved students designing packaging to a choice of two industry briefs - read more about this here.

Steve praised the students, commenting: “We were really impressed by the quality of the work – you should all be very proud of yourselves.”

See below for details of the deserving winners and judges’ comments:

Gold - Nico Larkin

 Student receiving gold award

  • Nico researched Christmas gift ideas and how packaging doesn’t always need to be seasonal to be successful.
  • They also considered an eco-friendly approach – and how the packaging would need to be safely transited from a business to a consumer.
  • A considered and creative approach to the construction of their package.
  • Clever idea to include a package insert.
  • Print finishes were included in the design.

Silver - Evie Edwards

product packaging

  • Creative logo and considered insert.
  • Creative artwork which includes an ‘engaging surprise which would excite the receiver of the gift'.
  • Self-make-up construction all in FBB (folding box board).
  • Suitable for production.

Evie commented: “I liked the creative freedom of the process and creating an actual physical product.”

Bronze (shared) - Charlotte Ashton

product packaging with graphic of eyes

  • Considered graphics & colours.
  • Product sustainable in all aspects of not wasting material - corrugated material / no film / corn-starch-based insert / postal box style.
  • Suitable for production with some tweaks.

Charlotte said: “I liked the graphic part of the project, developing the meaning and message behind the packaging. I particularly enjoyed visualising the messaging onto the packaging.”

Bronze (shared) – John Lee

student receiving bronze award

  • John Lee considered the customer experience with the packaging and the sorts of interaction they would have.
  • The construction of his package was creative - highlights were the lid fits into the base, and hand-drawn aesthetic artwork.
  • Suitable for production with some adaptations.

At the end of the presentation, Steve said: “Due to the success of the project, we’ve agreed to run it again next year and beyond.”

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