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Century is an online learning platform which uses Artificial Intelligence to identify gaps in each student’s understanding and knowledge of English and Maths. Each student begins their pathway on Century with a Diagnostic Assessment in their chosen subject and Century analyses their responses using a traffic light system. Green represents secure and confident understanding, Amber may identify some hesitancy/lower confidence or partial knowledge, and Red are the areas that need developing.

Century will create a pathway of learning bringing up units of study, referred to as “Nuggets”. These consist of a mixture of slides, revision notes and videos. Students can use one, the other or even both before attempting exam style questions on that unit.

Our tutors use Century to promote independent study and to develop knowledge. They can see from their log in which units students have studied, how many of the slides/videos students have accessed prior to taking the exam style questions. They can also see which questions students spent longest on and whether they gave correct answers. This influences the tutors planning and resourcing of lessons as they can see both individual needs and those across a whole class group.

Century was a key element in calculating grades for both Functional Skills and GCSE English and Maths last year. It will again, for this academic year be one of the 5 evidence strands that will be used to assess ability and progression as Teacher Assessed Grades for GCSE English and Maths.

If you are a student at East Surrey College, you can access Century here. To log into Century students use their student email address as their username and then set their own password. It can be accessed via any internet enabled device including mobile phones, but must be used on Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome as it will not run on Internet Explorer. Alternatively, students can access Century from the College eZone page.

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