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ESOL Students at the Movies

ESOL Students at the Movies

Date: 16 March 2022

ESOL Level 1 students had a true English movie experience watching the Italian comedy-drama ‘Life is Beautiful’. Students were given an array of films that symbolised British Values and collectively chose the film they thought was most suitable.

The cinema experience started with students getting creative by making small popcorn containers for their homemade popcorn. ESOL tutor Ewa commented:

“Students worked together to create the whole cinema experience, from making homemade popcorn, bringing in healthy snacks to rearranging the classroom to look like a cinema.”

ESOL Level 1 students working together to make the homemade popcorn packaging Four ESOL Level 1 students sitting down, eating their healthy snacks watching the film
ESOL Level 1 students creating the popcorn packaging ESOL students eating their healthy snacks whilst watching the film

After the students watched the film, they were asked to complete a small movie review. Students collaboratively worked together to dissect the plot of the film and picked out the key elements which highlighted the theme of British Values. Students independently wrote their movie reviews in preparation for their English exam later this year.

We received permission from the ESOL tutor Ewa, and ESOL Level 1 student, Haben, to showcase their short movie review for the film Life is Beautiful.

Life is beautiful movie review written by ESOL Level 1 student Haben
Life is beautiful movie review written by ESOL Level 1 student Haben


We picked out a few of our favourite quotes from the movie review:

  • "The acting led by Roberto Benigni was absolutely phenomenal"
  • "The movie sends a powerful message of Love and Hope and also staying positive, even in the toughest of times."
  • "I would really recommend the movie Life is Beautiful to everyone"

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