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Over 200 students attend Prevent Awareness and Keeping Safe talks

Over 200 students attend Prevent Awareness and Keeping Safe talks

Date: 07 December 2022

Over 200 students attended a series of Prevent Awareness and Keeping Safe sessions delivered by a former Metropolitan Police Officer at East Surrey College today.

The presentations were planned as part of the College’s Student Enrichment Programme with the aim of increasing student understanding and awareness of Prevent.

The Speaker gave a very compelling insight into the subject. In each of the hour-long sessions, he explained the current UK anti-terrorism strategy, demonstrated how Run Hide and Tell works using local case studies, and asked students to reflect on their interpretation of British values.

He commented: "It is so important that young people recognise that the pressures of life make them potential targets for radicalisation. These sessions help to raise their awareness and to identify the signs so we can look out for each other's personal safety."


Throughout the presentations, students were fully engaged and glued to the screen, finding the content eye-opening, relevant and useful. Afterwards, a selection shared their thoughts:

Lillie – “I found the talk really good but a bit scary as to hear about what can happen and what has happened.” 

Kim – “It’s scary to know it happens around the world, until it hits the news. You do not know if it will be your hometown next.” 

Freddie – “It’s surprising how many people are involved in terrorism each year and how may attacks have been prevented each year.” 

Ebony – “I have a greater understanding of Prevent and I know what to do if I am concerned about anyone or anything.”

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