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Wizz Air Inspires Our Students

Wizz Air Inspires Our Students

Date: 11 March 2022

A big thank you to Tom Beale, a Pilot Recruitment Coordinator/Captain, and Krista Cace, a Cabin Crew Recruitment Assessor from Wizz Air for delivering such a fun, engaging, and interactive talk to our Aviation Operations Level 3 and Cabin Crew Level 2 students.

Krista gave students an interesting insight into the Travel & Tourism industry from the perspective of Wizz Air rather than a consumer, detailing how Wizz Air competes against other airlines such as EasyJet and Jet2. Krista highlighted the benefits of working for Wizz Air and the many opportunities available within the industry. Students asked questions about current restrictions due to Covid-19 whilst also asking about working hours for both cabin crew and pilot roles.

Krista and Tom talking to students about upcoming opportunities  Opportunities currently available to students within WIzzAir
Krista and Tom talking to students about upcoming opportunities  Current open positions that students can apply for within WizzAir

Krista commented:
“Hours can vary, dependent on each month, as for the whole year, cabin crew are only allowed to work 900 hours, which is 75 hours each month. This means one month you could work 10 days whereas for another you could work 22 days.”

Krista explained to students the necessary skills needed to become a successful cabin crew worker including excellent customer service and health and safety training. She mentioned that cabin crew staff within Wizz Air are equal between both genders and that everyone is welcomed into the industry, adding:

“Stereotypes shouldn’t stop you from being in the industry you like. If you are passionate about the job and believe you fit the criteria, go for it.”

It was then Tom’s turn to present to students about a career as a pilot, drawing on his 15 years’ experience in the sector. Students were keen to find out the qualifications needed to become a pilot including total flying hours, health and safety certifications, and how much they could get paid.

Tom shared his account of becoming a pilot and gave students three ways of getting into the role. Students could become self-improvers, come from an RAF background, or attend a fly training organisation. Tom commented:

“The one thing that stops people the most from becoming a pilot is the price, I had to book out a loan for my flying lessons, but it was the best thing I did. I learned the trick of the trade and now I’ve been a pilot for 15 years.”

Tom Beale discussing the requirements for a First Officer position  Students from Aviation and Cabin Crew speaking to Tom and Krista from Wizz Air
Tom Beale discussing the requirements for a first officer position  Students talking to Tom and Krista after the Wizz Air talk

Towards the end of the talk, Tom and Krista broke out into groups to talk to students independently about their career opportunities. Students were advised to attend upcoming recruitment dates in Gatwick or Luton to start an application in a cabin crew or pilot trainee role.

If you have been inspired by this talk, just like our students – check out our upcoming cabin crew and aviation courses here.

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