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Certificates Update

Certificates Update

Date: 02 November 2021

Information for Students regarding certificates for course completions 2020-21

Important Update 10.11.21 – GCSE certificates with AQA

We have just been notified by AQA, with whom we undertake GCSE English at ESC and GCSE Maths at JRC, that the despatch of their certificates has been delayed.

They were due to be here this week, but delivery has now been delayed until the 22 November 2021 at the earliest.

As soon as we have received the certificates and have logged them we will be in a position to distribute certificates to students.


We have now received the vast majority of certificates for courses completed in 2020-21, however, we are still waiting for some to arrive, namely some Level 4 and Level 5 BTECs, GCSE Maths and English, some Level 1 City & Guilds and some Skills for Work/Independence certificates.

The Awarding Bodies have advised that all certificates should be printed by the end of the first week of November and will then be issued to Schools and Colleges.  This means we will probably receive them mid-November.

As soon as we have all the certificates logged we will be distributing these to students in one of the following ways;

  1. Where students have returned to continue their studies in 2021-22, the certificates will be given to their new tutors to issue out in class.
  2. Where students have left the College, they will be contacted by text/email/phone to collect their certificates.
  3. If students have moved out of the immediate area (further than 20 miles) we can post certificates, but this is at the students’ own risk. 

The College does not accept liability for any items that may go missing in the post, therefore the student would be liable to pay replacement certificate fees directly to the awarding bodies.

These can vary from £25 to £47 per certificate.

Please be aware that if you have undertaken multiple courses, we normally wait until all your certificates have arrived before contacting you, otherwise you will have to make 2 or 3 trips to collect your documents.

Please note that for Apprenticeship programmes, the certificates are dealt with by a separate department (MIS Data and Compliance) and they will contact you by email once all your qualification certificates and your overall framework certificate have arrived.

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