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Motor Vehicle Department Receives Huge Donation from Fuchs UK

Motor Vehicle Department Receives Huge Donation from Fuchs UK

Date: 13 June 2022

Students and tutors in our Motor Vehicle department were delighted to receive a huge donation of automotive lubricants, from the worldwide company Fuchs UK. The company is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of engineering, aerospace, agricultural and motor vehicle lubricants. Did you know 90% of all motor vehicles on the road use Fuchs’ lubricants?!

Students and tutors are delighted with donation


Earlier in the year, Andy Brown, the company’s UK Automotive Technical Manager, visited the college to give around 50 students an interesting and informative training seminar on the use of lubricants in the automotive industry – you can read the full story here: Motor Vehicle Students hear from an Industry Professional. 

Motor Vehicle student Kurson commented on the delivery: “It’s great to be working with such good quality products for all the oil changes I’ve been carrying out. Thank you Fuchs UK.”

Some of the items donated by Fuchs UK


Students have been using the lubricants on the vehicles in the workshop for general maintenance, and in particular for servicing - coolant changes, oil changes and brake fluid changes.

Motor Vehicle student Josh added: "Even the packaging is good - it’s really handy to have a measuring scale on the side of the container, it makes the job easier!"

Students are pleased to be working with such good quality products!


Tutor Richard said: "Andy gave us a fantastic training seminar and we are absolutely delighted with the products we have received. We are keen to continue our relationship with Fuchs UK - it’s a good partnership. Many thanks to Andy Brown and Fuchs UK."

If you are interested in Motor Vehicle or Motorsports, find out more by visiting our dedicated course area here.

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