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Public Order Police Training Event

Public Order Police Training Event

Date: 15 December 2023

Public Order Police Training Event

East Surrey students were invited to take part in a public order event with Surrey Police. Students acted as riot crowd or football hooligans hurling abuse and throwing items at the police. This was all part of a training exercise. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Read their comments:

‘I enjoyed the police event. The police showed us a good experience and what a good experience I had.’

‘Liked how the police showed us what they would do in a riot, liked the reality of the situation, the cardio, being in a riot.’

‘It was really enjoyable I would love to do it again.’

‘Surrounded by trainee police officers trying to push through them. Throwing missiles at the shields, chanting at them. A good experience and would 100% do it again.’

‘We were shown a demonstration on how the officers travel through petrol bombs. We joined in on their exercise posing as rioting football fans and throwing projectiles at the incoming officers. Would definitely go again.’

‘I wish there were more people, more police and they were verbal and we could throw more things over them e.g. projectiles/rubber things. My experience was quite good through, we got some lunch and got to have fun, wouldn’t mind doing it again.’

‘We acted out as football hooligans that were being escorted to the football match. We threw plastic missiles to indicate a riot and make the experience more realistic for the training. We chanted and used force to try and push their riot shields out of the way. I would definitely do it again.’

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