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Carpentry & Joinery Level 1

Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 - Abbie

Former School(s): Reigate School

After experimenting with mechanisms in Design & Technology GCSE, Abbie knew she wanted to pursue something practical, taking after her father, a retired Carpenter. She also took part in a Carpentry & Joinery session as part of a Taster Day at ESC, where she was able to tour the workshop and try out some of the tools. Her father was even a former Carpentry student at ESC, paving the way for Abbie! 

Abbie is enjoying the practical projects on the course and commented: 

“The teachers are very supportive - I get lots of 1:1 support when I’m working ahead of the class, as they can give me more dedicated advice”

Outside of College, Abbie has worked with her dad on many projects, including putting up a shed and making garden planters, which they then sold around her local area. This practical experience gave her a headstart, as Abbie was able to progress quickly in the first few weeks of the course, achieving Distinctions on some of her first assessed work! 

"The machinery and tools are fantastic, and I’m looking forward to using them more in the other Levels”

Abbie is hoping to progress through the qualification levels and progress onto an Apprenticeship. She then wants to set up her own business, following in her father's footsteps, and employ other workers.  

“I want to be able to continue studying whilst working, and build up my work skills with a company”

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